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Our Moreletapark plumbing team is ready to assist our Moreletapark clients any time of the day or night. Moreletapark has become a sought after neighbourhood of Pretoria over the last decade and lots of development has taken place in this area. Unfortunately, we have seen some contractors that have not done a good plumbing job. That has caused some plumbing issues to emerge that needed urgent attention.

Luckily, when you work with expert plumbers like your Moreletapark plumbing team, then these plumbing problems are a thing of the past. We are close by and our professional team can help you quickly and effectively.

Geyser Installation and Geyser Repair in Moreletapark

Sometimes it’s needed to replace a geyser and to install a new one. Geysers usually last many years but even the best geysers must be replaced. Our Pro Moreletapark plumbing team will show you exactly what is needed to replace a geyser and we will give you recommendations on what geysers are the best value for money right now.

geyser installation by a centurion plumber

Sometimes your geyser can be repaired instead of being replaced. When you start to see wet spots below your geyser or it’s making a funny noise or hot water is not running from it any longer, then fear not. We have a qualified plumbing team with vast amounts of experience who would be able to assist you with your geyser issue in no time. We have discovered that in many cases the geyser can be repaired instead of having to be replaced. Also ask our plumbing experts for tips on how to maintain your geyser in the long run.

Kitchen Renovations and Bathroom Renovations in Moreletapark

We all know that a modern looking kitchen and bathroom increases the value of your home. It also does not have to be a major expense. By being a bit creative, you can create a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom without having to spend a fortune.

Obviously, the plumbing system in the bathroom renovation and in the kitchen renovation is a major component of the renovation. It is crucial to get this right in order to make sure that you don’t get plumbing issues in the future. Here at plumber Pretoria East, we have vast amounts of kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation experience. We have helped many home owners create their dream kitchens and bathrooms.

Call us today and we will come out to help you plan your dream and give you guidance on cost estimates.

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